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Living next door to Alice CD

Single-CD - Alan Silson
Living next door to Alice

Alan has re-recorded Smokie's biggest hit record. This version is more up-tempo and more modern and the key changes in it keep the song very much alive.

Living next door to Alice
(Dance version)

Living next door to Alice
(Karaoke version)

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Solitary Bird CD

CD - Alan Silson - Solitary Bird

01. Closer To The Candle
02. Wild Horses
03. Runaway
04. Drive Me Wild
05. I Always Have, Always Will
06. I Like It Like That
07. Raining In Menston
08. She Dance
09. Ice Cold Rain
10. Street Of Dreams
11. Safe In The Arms Of Love
12. Solitary Bird

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CD - Silson Limited Edition 2000

CD - Alan Silson - Limited Edition 2000

This CD is a collection of demo tracks only, some of my old songs, 3 unreleased songs.
Please note this is not a studio recorded album!!

01. Rock'n'roll rodeo
02. What can I do
03. Boulevard of broken dreams
04. Stepping into the night
05. If you think you know how to love me
06. Tom Tom Turnaround
07. Rock away your teardrops
08. Chasing Shadows
09. Hard rains are gonna fall
10. Lyin' in the arms of the one you love
11. Don't go stepping on seashells
12. Rose-a-Lee
13. Respect
14. The magic of love

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